Nicola Porpora (1686-1768)

Ifigenia in Aulis

Nicola Porpora (1686-1768)

Opera seria in three acts composed by Nicola Porpora to a libretto by Paolo Rolli, first performed in London in 1735.

In Italian with German and English subtitles.


New production Bayreuth Baroque Opera Festival

Les Talens Lyriques are Ensemble in Residence at the Bayreuth Baroque Opera Festival 2024.

With the generous support of Aline Foriel-Destezet and the Centre national de la musique.


Stage direction : Max Emanuel CenČić
Set Design and Costumes : Giorgina Germanou
Lighting : Romain de Lagarde
Assistant stage director : Constantina Psoma


Jasmin Delfs : Ifigenia, Diana
Max Emanuel CenČić Agamennone
Dennis Orellana : Achille
Olena Leser : Clitennestra
Nicolò Balducci : Ulisse
Daniel Giulianini : Calcante

Les Talens Lyriques
Christophe Rousset, direction & harpsichord

“Porpora’s work has always been an interest of mine. Right from the start of Les Talens Lyriques, Naples was a major focus of our programmes, even though that kind of music was completely ignored. When we did the soundtrack for the film Farinelli, we played an aria by Porpora : “Alto Giove”. This has become one of our best-sellers, which can now be found in all forms – including a karaoke version – on YouTube.
Porpora’s style is gallant, pre-Classical and introduces great lyricism, absolutely magnificent song lines and great virtuosity in the fast arias.
To be invited to Bayreuth is an incredible opportunity to present Ifigenia in Aulis. A wonderful story that introduces a whole range of emotions that are very welcome in an opera. Faced with the great tragedy of having to sacrifice one’s daughter to satisfy the gods, we experience the despair of the parents as well as the sense of honour and duty embodied by Ifigenia.
Max Emmanuel CenčiĆ’s staging offers a highly flattering visual to transport us to the late 18th century that will appeal to a wide range of Baroque enthusiasts.”

– Christophe Rousset