Psyché Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687)
Venus, irritated by the young mortal Psyche whose beauty radiates all across the world, dispatches Cupid to impose a thousand trials upon her, which the young victim triumphs over to the point of becoming immortal. In this mythological fable, which is his sixth tragedie lyrique (1678), Lully shows off his immense talent and takes revenge on Moliere, for whom he had written the music of a monumental Psyché in 1671, and which had been the cause of their falling out. A connoisseur of Lully, Christophe Rousset conducts a sumptuous cast that gives his Psyche all the lustre of the great French operas!
Cultural actions
The ensemble’s residencies in secondary schools are part of a long-term, multi-disciplinary project that is not only original, but also ambitious: commented rehearsals, encounters and musical practice are perfect ways to discover music, singing, dance…
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The ensemble Les Talens Lyriques
which takes its name from the subtitle of Jean-Philippe Rameau’s opera Les Fêtes d’Hébé (1739) was formed in 1991 by the harpsichordist and conductor Christophe Rousset.

Championing a broad vocal and instrumental repertoire, ranging from early Baroque to the beginnings of Romanticism, the musicians of Les Talens Lyriques aim to throw light on the great masterpieces of musical history, while providing perspective by presenting rarer or little known works that are important as missing links in the European musical heritage. This musicological and editorial work, which contributes to its renown, is a priority for the ensemble.