Domenico Cimarosa (1749 - 1801)


Opera in two acts to a libretto by Pietro Metastasio, first performed in Vicenza in 1784.
Josh Lovell
Rocío Pérez
Mathilde Ortscheidt
Maite Beaumont
Marie Lys
Alex Banfield
Pianoforte & direction
Christophe Rousset
Les Talens Lyriques
Olimpiade Domenico Cimarosa (1749 - 1801)

Born in 1749, Cimarosa was one of Europe’s leading composers at the end of the 18th century. It was during his most productive period that he produced his Olimpiade, a grand opera seria transformed into a sumptuous bel canto drama. Here Cimarosa brings heroism to the athletes competing in Olympia in the Games, the winner of which will marry the Princess Aristea: seemingly inextricable, the plot allows the composer to compose some of the most extraordinary arias ever composed to Metastasio’s libretto. Christophe Rousset, a great champion of the fin-de-siècle Italian repertoire, carries off a dazzling cast in this bel-cante hurricane!

Recorded from 18 to 22 December 2023 at the Salle Colonne (Paris).

2CD Château de Versailles Spectacles – CVS143

Cover: The Discobolus, Myron 5th century BC © Carole Raddato
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