Tommaso Traetta (1727 - 1779)


Tragedia per musica in tre atti di Marco Coltellini
Christophe Rousset
Antigona, Princess of Thebes
María Bayo
Ismene, sister of Antigona
Anna Maria Panzarella
Creonte, maternal oncle of Antigona and Ismene
Carlo Vincenzo Allemano
Emone, son of Creonte
Laura Polverelli
Adrasto, a leading citizen of Thebes
Gilles Ragon
Choeur de Chambre Accentus
Les Talens Lyriques
Antigona Tommaso Traetta (1727 - 1779)

“Appearing at a time when opera seria was being subjected to a series of theoretical and creative reforms which struck at the roots of a genre which had by the lost much of its original validity, Tommaso Traetta’s Antigona emerges as an outstanding example of a “reformed” tragedia per musica.
First performed at the Imperial Theatre in St Petersburg in 1772, Traetta’s opera was composed to a libretto by Marco Coltellini based on Sophocles’ great tragedy. It occupies a position half-way between the long-established theatrical taste which saw its own ideals reflected in the spirit of Greek tragedy, and the desire for an innovative language free at last from tedious long-windedness, dull moralism and mechanical convention”

Giovanna Ferrara
Lecturer in Music History at the Conservatorio di San Pietro a Majella, Naples.
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