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Music can also be played by digital means.

«Such creativity enables a change of attitude towards our heritage: it brings early music to life.»

Evaluation report, CERLIS (Centre de Recherche sur les Liens Sociaux), University of Paris 3

Music can also be played by digital means ! Our project
t@lenschool refers to three free ground-breaking applications for musical discovery and practice, aimed at children and adults who have little or no musical training.

The teaching approach, bringing into play cutting-edge digital tools, is lively and recreational. Everyone takes part in a sensual experience and becomes a participant in the production of music.

The three applications, now presented in a new enriched version, are available in French and in English, and they are downloadable free of charge on all iOS and Android devices, smartphones and tablets.

t@lenschool has received four French and international awards – signs of recognition and also of growing interest among professionals in the field of music, teachers and musical institutions.

Are you a teacher or a cultural mediator?

Contact us by e-mail ( to receive all the available repertoire recorded for t@lenschool by Les Talens Lyriques. You’ll also receive our educational booklet with ideas of uses to enhance your experience with these inovatives devices.

App #1 😐 Playing together

Like the musicians of Les Talens Lyriques, the students form an orchestra and perform musical works. Each participant has a computer tablet, which controls a musical instrument or a vocal part, as well as various musical parameters.
This enables participants to study, understand and reproduce the work of a professional orchestra. They learn to distinguish the timbres of the various instruments, form a coherent group, and collaborate to produce a musical work. One of them, playing the role of the conductor, coordinates the digital orchestra.

« In a regular music class, you have to listen, to sing, or write, but here it’s a hands-on experience. A conductor decides on volume, tells us where to add ornaments… I like to play the conductor, because I like to be in charge! »

Booz, a student at the Collège Balzac

App #2 :

Everyone is able to compose their own piece in the manner of a musical puzzle. The musicians of Les Talens Lyriques have recorded themes and their many variations: all you have to do is put them together!

An invitation to explore one’s creativity and imagination.

By connecting several tablets, the different versions created can be altered and combined to form a harmonious composition.

App #3 :

Everyone can get to know the art of interpretation. This application enables participants to produce their own version of harpsichord pieces by taking the place of harpsichordist Christophe Rousset at his instrument.

Playing the harpsichord is within your reach, so why not give it a try?