Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632 - 1687) & Others

Le Manuscrit de Madame Théobon

Christophe Rousset
Le Manuscrit de Madame Théobon Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632 - 1687) & Others

This manuscript was discovered in 2004 by Christophe Rousset. From his private collection and recorded here for the first time, this work was once the property of Lydie de Théobon, mistress of Louis XIV until 1672. In addition to the essential tunes of the late 17th century, it also contains several anonymous transcriptions of works by Lully, as well as numerous unpublished pieces. A precious testimony to the musical practices of the period, to which the powerful-sounding Nicolas Dumont 1704 harpsichord recorded here for the first time does obvious justice.


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References : AP256
Date of release : 18 février 2022