Cultural actions

Musical practice

For Les Talens Lyriques, playing in an orchestra or singing in a choir provides an important lesson for life in general. It reinforces the sense of endeavour, as well as the pleasure of collective learning.
The orchestra class
Les Talens Lyriques trains students (non-musicians) in orchestral practice by providing them with a musical instrument (strings, brass, percussion or keyboard) for a period of four years. Students have the benefit, each week, in school time, of a two-hour class, during which they learn collectively. The class is led by our cultural mediator and by musicians from the ensemble, together with the students’ music teacher.

They discover the Baroque and Classical orchestra through the practice and interpretation of pieces taken from the repertoire of Les Talens Lyriques (Purcell, Bach, Haydn, Mozart, etc.); these are specially arranged for them. Students also learn to be responsible for the instrument that is entrusted to them.

The Petit chœur
des Talens

Already pioneers in the creation of school orchestras, Les Talens Lyriques have also created a vocal equivalent: the Petit chœur des Talens. In the choir students learn to take control of their body and their voice, and to make the most of their vocal expression through vocal games, collective improvisation (with soundpainting) and the performance of pieces (specially arranged for them) from the repertoire.

Students develop their sensibilities and their creativity, while also learning precision, patience and concentration.

« I was proud when we played the waltz all together. I was proud, and also very happy, to realise that we are capable of playing something so beautiful, all together! »

Audrey, a pupil in the orchestra class at the Collège Decour


« I really like singing; it makes me feel good, and it relaxes me. »

Yassine, member of the Petit chœur des Talens in Alfortville

Ambre, lycéenne et ancienne musicienne de la classe orchestre