Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687)


Psyché (1678)
Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687)

Tragédie lyrique in 1 prologue and 5 acts, on a libretto by Thomas Corneille and Bernard Le Bovier de Fontenelle.
First performed on 19 April 1678 at the Académie royale de musique, in Paris.

Ambroisine Bré Psyché
Déborah Cachet Aglaure
Eugénie Lefebvre Flore, Cidippe
Bénédicte Tauran Vénus
Cyril Auvity Amour
Robert Getchell Mercure, Vertumne, Vulcain
Nicholas Scott Apollon
Fabien Hyon Palémon, Silène, Bacchus
Philippe Estèphe Jupiter
Anas Seguin Lycas, le Roi, Momus
Matthieu Heim Mars

Les Talens Lyriques
Christophe Rousset Direction

“It’s often been said that Lully was a composer whose pieces were “ordered commissions”, and therefore a bit stiff and not terribly interesting dramatically. I think the exact opposite; I consider Lully a dramatic genius, someone who invented many things, including the tragédie lyrique genre. Psyché will constitute the eleventh volume in our Lully collection, and I’m already overjoyed to conduct it.”

– Christophe Rousset