Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687)


Reinoud Van Mechelen
Sangaride, Flore
Marie Lys
Ambroisine Bré
Philippe Estèphe
Romain Bockler
Doris, Iris, trio
Gwendoline Blondeel
Le fleuve Sangar, Phobétor, Le Temps
Olivier Cesarini
Le Sommeil, Un Zéphir, trio
Kieran White
Nick Pritchard
Antonin Rondepi
Mélisse, Melpomène, trio
Apolline Raï-Westphal
Un Songe funeste
Vlad Crosman
Direction Chœur
Thibault Lenarts
Chœur de Chambre de Namur
Christophe Rousset
Les Talens Lyriques
Atys Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687)

This is Atys, the King’s Opera, Lully’s masterpiece, premièred in 1676 before the court. A legendary work in the rediscovery of Grand-Siècle operas, Atys is a paragon of emerging lyric art: it places love at the centre of the plot, and its hero – for the first time in Lully’s work – dies on stage, provoking a sumptuous lamentation that could wring tears from the most hardened heart. Lully’s incredible music magnifies Philippe Quinault’s splendid tragic text, creating their first joint masterpiece, an Atys adored by the Sun King. Christophe Rousset offers his vision of a piece that has fascinated him for the past three decades, lending it the sensual colour imbued by the Reinoud Van Mechelen’s performance, a miraculous Atys…

Cover: Hippomenes and Atalanta, Guido Reni, ca 1620.

Recorded from July 12th to 14th 2023, at the Royal Opera of Château de Versailles.

3CD château de Versailles Spectacles – CVS126

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