Judith triomphante

Scarlatti, Vivaldi, Jommelli, Pergolesi, Bernasconi, Anfossi, Gassmann, Cafaro, Bach


Contralto | Delphine Galou
Les Talens Lyriques
Conductor & harpsichordist | Christophe Rousset



Alessandro Scarlatti (1660 * 1725)
La Giuditta (1693) | Extracts
Antonio Vivaldi (1678 * 1741)
Juditha triumphans (1716) | Extracts
Niccolò Jommelli (1714 * 1774)
La Betulia liberata (1743) | Extracts
Giovanni Battista Pergolesi (1710 * 1736)
Sinfonia in D Maj
Andrea Bernasconi (ca 1706 * 1784)
La Betulia liberata (1754) | Extracts
Pasquale Anfossi (1727 * 1797)
La Betulia liberata (1781) | Extracts
Florian Leopold Gassmann (1729 * 1774)
La Betulia liberata (1754) | Extracts
Pasquale Cafaro (1716 * 1787)
La Betulia liberata (1748) | Extracts
Carl Philip Emmanuel Bach (1714 * 1788)
Harpsichord cocnerto in C Min, Wq 38 - H 448


The biblical myth of Judith is well known: Holofernes, after having pillaged, killed and ravaged the whole Middle East, lays siege to Bethulia, which is blocking a passage in the mountains of Judea. Water is becoming scarce, and the inhabitants are about to surrender, but Judith, a young widow of extraordinary
beauty and considerable wealth, decides to save the city. She enters Holofernes’ camp with her servant and some jugs of wine. Holofernes is bewitched by her beauty and her intelligence and decides to organize a banquet in her honor at the end of which his servants discreetly withdraw to avoid disturbing the night of love which they think is awaiting their master. Judith continues to get him drunk and when he is unable to defend himself, she decapitates him and returns Bethulia with his head. While the myth of Judith, a genuine strong woman, is an important theme in art and literature, it is also a major musical theme (notably for Mozart and Vivaldi). The contralto Delphine Galou interprets the various musical figures of Judith and Holofernes notably, but also others, over the course of a century and a half, from A. Scarlatti to P. Anfossi. This is the very first collaboration on CD (Naïve) between Christophe Rousset and the talented contralto, after their successful collaborations in Alcina by Handel (Bradamante) and Il Ritorno d’Ulisse in patria by Monteverdi (Penelope).

July 19th concert with AtriA Capital Partenaires and Naxicap Partners support.


  • © Yann Roland - Delphine Galou
  • © Eric Larrayadieu

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